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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  June 22, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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lso know now as we take you to some video from just about two blocks away this is where police say they recovered a shotgun but they will not say that this gun was being used in the shooting. this is on madison street and g street. we also did talk with the chief inspector in charge here at the scene. >> we have at this point multiple victims who sustained injuries as a result of those gunshots. we're looking for one male perpetrator who fled this location. and at this point we're just looking for information as well. >> reporter: again, we still don't know the motive for this shooting and we still don't know who that suspect is other than that police say he took off on foot. this is the second shooting in just the last three days in the city of philadelphia. the shooting from over the weekend, police also say that a shotgun was used but they have not linked these two crimes as of yet.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> the first full day of summer is a hot one and it's only going to get hotter too. we could hit near record temperatures tomorrow. the heat isn't the only weather concern we're tracking. >> a threat of severe storms is looming. first we focus on that heat. >> nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is live in center city. people are doing all they can in logan square to keep cool. >> all they can to keep cool outside. some people with their shirts off, some trying to cool down. water looks a little refreshing right about now. at least it's not as humid as it was last week at this time. yesterday was the first day of summer. we did hit 91 degrees today. we hit 91 degrees and tomorrow we expect to be even hotter with near record high temperatures. that is going to be our first official heat wave coincidentally starting with the first day of summer. that's going to be in the forecast. take a look how hot it is. 90 in philadelphia northeast
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philly. 86 wilmington and washington township. areas north and west still very hot outside, still around 90 degrees through parts of the lehigh valley still in the upper 80s for allentown and reading. for south jersey and delaware temperatures very hot. we are still in the upper 80s to near 90 degrees through much of the area even along the shore. 87 degrees right now in avalon. we do expect at least to be near record highs tomorrow. philadelphia record high 97 degrees set back in 1888. the forecast is expected to reach 97 degrees which would make it an official heat wave. atlantic city allentown, trenton, all either close to or matching a record high. georgetown delaware record is 100. we could be going with at least 99 degrees there. yes, we have near record high temperatures in the forecast. it's going to stay hot tomorrow too. but the humid is going to go up so hotter tomorrow more humidity and that's all going to be fueling our chance for possibly severe weather as we go
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through the afternoon. some severe thunderstorms along with a heat advisory before that gets here so a lot of weather to talk about. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is standing by with a look at the first alert for tomorrow. >> that's right. because of the combination of that extreme heat and the threat of severe storms we have issued a first alert for tomorrow. that heat is going to make it feel like it's near 100 degrees tomorrow when you combine the heat and humidity. that's why the heat advisory is in effect for the urbanized areas. a chance of severe storms and the main threat in those storms is for damaging winds. we are not expecting a whole lot of rain because the storms just aren't that big and won't last very long. there's nothing on the radar now close by but we are seeing showers and storms in michigan down through ohio. we have severe thunderstorm watches that have been issued for that portion of the country and there is a risk of severe storms just about anywhere in the area tomorrow. the highest risk of all is up in
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new england. as we go through the hours tomorrow we start off dry. the heat builds up the humidity builds up and then the storms start building up. anywhere those red things are, it's a downpour and there's a chance of some very strong gusty winds. more on the timing of that when we will see relief with the seven-day in a few minutes. rising temperatures can lead to medical problems and not all of those are from heat stress. nbc 10's doug shimell is live in west oak lane with more for us. doug? >> reporter: of course we talked to e.r. doctors as well as folks around the city and i guess if you are a kid in philadelphia, the first bit of good news is school is out. second bit of good news is your community pool just opened. the auberry rec center pool was in the next round of city pools and spray parks to open up after school let out. >> we decided to come and play under the sprinklers. we had lunch, we had lots of
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water and lemonade so far. >> reporter: it's part of a strategy that sounds fun but is aimed at staying away from dehydration and heat exhaustion. >> we also hit the dollar movies to stay in the air conditioning. lot of popsicles, bottled water. >> reporter: in area emergency rooms they braced for a spike in heat stress but doctors say years of warnings to drink a lot of water may finally be paying off. >> we see less patients now i think than we have in previous years. people are more educated and there's information they can easily access to learn about how to better prevent heat related illness. >> reporter: but that doesn't stop the backflips into devil's pool in wissahickon creek. it's the free illegal place to cool off that has injured and killed people over the years. >> they're unsupervised and they drown. >> reporter: the ortegas say they don't go near the cliff. >> we play in the little pool so
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they cool off and we go home. >> reporter: patrolling the devil's pool is up to the 14th police district but when you talk to the supervisors, they say they get over there every once in awhile but are usually distracted by other crime-based calls. doug shimell, nbc 10 news. as we track the heat and potential for severe storms keep up to date on your mobile device. get updates using the nbc 10 news app for smartphones and tablets. new information about a crash, this one here. it involved a train and a car last night in newark. the impact caught on camera. tonight we are learning more about the last second rescue that prevented this crash from turning deadly. nbc 10's renee chenault-fattah is live in the digital operations center. >> this was a very close call. >> absolutely. this is one of those stories where the video really tells the
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story. the sound of that oncoming train tells the tale of just how tragic this crash could have been. dproenl individual cell phone video capturing the moments the racing train slammed into the red ford escape. you see bystanders converging with cell phones in hand. what you don't see are the heroic efforts of two police officers who were doing extra duty at a nearby tavern. they rescued the driver of this car only moments before the crash. >> they ran over to render him aid and as soon as they got to the vehicle, the warning lights came on and they saw that a train was coming. they quickly got him out of the car and moved him to safety and the vehicle was struck by the train that was traveling westbound. >> the driver a 76-year-old man, turned right into the gravel rail bed and just got stuck. >> i don't know if he knew what happened or not. >> he was okay? >> he was okay. there was no injuries, no
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alcohol involved at all. >> no charges have been filed in this but newark police are investigating and also asking anyone with information to contact them. renee chenault-fattah, nbc 10 news. in a separate train crash, a person was killed in new jersey. sky force 10 over the scene around 6:30 this morning. police tell us 37-year-old paul brophy from mt. laurel was hit and killed. it happened in fieldsboro along the new jersey transit river line. train service was down during part of the morning rush while police investigated. two people were hurt in this fast-moving fire in kensington including a firefighter. sky force 10 over the scene on memphis street just after noon today. paramedics took the firefighter to a local hospital with minor injuries. no word what sparked the flames. a car slammed in a house in new castle county today. paramedics rushed one person to a local hospital with injuries. police trying to figure out how this happened.
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preparing for the pope. philadelphia mayor michael nutter is in rome leading a special delegation ahead of the historic world meeting of families in september. the mayor, archbishop charles chaput and other leaders will go over the details of the pope's visit in september. the mayor will meet with his italian counterpart, the mayor of rome along with vatican city officials. the main focus is keeping the pope, who loves to mingle with the people, safe the entire time. while in rome mayor nutter is taking time to drum up support for tourism here in philadelphia. the mayor talked to a father and son who were visiting italy from france. the mayor told them about philadelphia and invited them for a visit. on wednesday, mayor nutter and the rest of the delegation will attend a special lunch designed to promote philadelphia as a destination globally. nbc 10's chris cato is at the vatican. look for his reports all week long. we will have an update coming up at 6:00.
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you can watch chris' reports on your smartphone or tablet by tapping on the nbc 10 news app. in the meantime there are new leads in the manhunt for the two escaped prisoners. we will tell you how dna is providing clues about their movement. plus new calls for the confederate flag to be removed from south carolina's state capitol. see who is adding their name to a list of those calling for the flag to come down. president obama sparks controversy of his own after using a racially charged word during an interview on the topic of racism.
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new leads in the search for two prison escapees in upstate new york. the convicted killers have been on the run for 17 days. nbc's chris pallone has new details from new york. >> reporter: new york state police are searching for escaped murderers richard matt and david sweat in a rural area about 20 miles west of the prison they escaped from. the search is centered around a hunting camp in owl's head new york. >> we have developed evidence that the suspects may have spent time in a cabin in this area. >> reporter: police sources tell nbc news the dna of one of the
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killers was found saturday in a cabin that had been broken into. the owner called police after approaching the cabin and seeing a man run into the woods. police have set up checkpoints in the area. helicopters are circling overhead. >> this is a confirmed lead for us. it has generated a massive law enforcement response as you can see. and we are going to run this to ground. >> reporter: they spent part of the weekend searching a town near the pennsylvania border in southwest new york state. a woman spotted two men who fit the inmates' description walking along some railroad tracks. >> they were around that area they were just coming up my dog barked and that's when they turned around and ran back down. >> reporter: that search turned up nothing. meantime, nbc news has learned the investigation of prison workers is expanding. while one prison worker joyce mitchell, has been charged with giving matt and sweat tools to aid their escape now several guards are also under investigation and one has been put on administrative leave. the attorney for corrections officer gene palmer says palmer had no advance knowledge of the escape plot. chris pallone, nbc news, new york.
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the taliban launched an attack and tried to storm afghanistan's parliament as that area voted for a new defense minister. at least one car bomb went off outside the building today. smoke filled that chamber. you could hear people scream as they leapt from all sides of the building. taliban militants opened fire. that's when seven taliban fighters were killed. no lawmakers were hurt. take a look at this. this was the scene in kabul hours after the attack. more than 30 civilians in the area were wounded. lawmakers want to know how the taliban managed to get so close. two developments in the hate crime killings in the south carolina church. first we have learned president obama will deliver the eulogy on friday at the funeral of pastor clementa pinkney. second, there has been dramatic action in just the past hour about the future of the confederate flag that flies over the south carolina state capitol. nbc 10 national correspondent steve handelsman is following the latest developments.
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>> it's time to move the flag from the capitol grounds. >> reporter: south carolina's republican governor nikki haley joined the campaign. the confederate flag has flown at the south carolina state house for 54 years. but the massacre in charleston and the revelation that racist dylann roof used the flag as his symbol is something she says the state cannot stand. >> the fact it causes pain to so many is enough to move it from the capitol grounds. it is after all, a capitol that belongs to all of us. >> reporter: president obama's statement on race was like a grenade, using the actual "n" word in a podcast interview to say racism still plagues america. >> it's not just a matter of it not being polite to say [ bleep ] in public. that's not the measure of whether racism still exists or not. >> reporter: the news rippled out. our first african-american president used the "n" word.
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>> sometimes you have to say things just to get somebody's attention. >> reporter: is that what he was doing here you think? >> that's what i think. >> i don't like the word. i don't think it should be used. i really don't think we have a racism problem in the country. >> reporter: many disagree after ferguson and baltimore and charleston. and the president is winning praise. >> america only responds to shock and awe. >> reporter: that flag coming down in columbia would show the church massacre was both. the sons of confederate veterans organization that claims 30,000 members nationwide and says it was horrified by the charleston murders says it will fight now to keep the confederate flag flying at the capitol. steve handelsman nbc news washington. during a volunteer resource fair today delaware governor weighed in on the church massacre in charleston noting how the victims' families reacted to the massacre. he said he was moved by how they showed restraint and even went
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as far as to forgive the man suspected of killing their loved ones. he says he hopes everyone can follow their lead and not perpetuate hatred. former congressman jesse jackson jr. was released from a halfway house in baltimore this morning. the son of the civil rights activist reverend jesse jackson lived there for several months after serving more than would years in prison. in 2013 jackson was convicted of spending $750,000 of campaign money for personal use. he spoke to reporters outside his washington, d.c. home and showed off his ankle monitor. the man who landed a gyro copter at the white house in april has declined a plea deal. he appeared before a washington judge today and says his april 15th flight was intended to call attention to the influence of big money in politics. he will now likely go to trial. the search for a missing former white house chef has ended with the discovery of a
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body in new mexico. overnight we received word authorities found walter scheib's body nearly two weeks after he reportedly went hiking. crews located his body about two miles from the base of a trail. authorities haven't provided any more details. scheib was the executive chef at the white house for more than a decade. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well it has hit 90 this afternoon but didn't quite feel like it because the humidity was pretty low for this time of year. but tomorrow things are going to change pretty significantly. that's why we have issued a first alert for not only the heat but also thunderstorms coming in during the afternoon. some of which may be severe and none of that is happening on wednesday. we got relief from the heat the humidity and the storms in one single day. we have lots of sunshine out there, lot of blue in the sky today. 90 degrees is the current reading. 16 mile an hour winds gusting to
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22. the relative humidity is only 37%. we did hit 91 degrees yesterday, we will be around 91 today, going for 97 tomorrow. that's three days in a row of 90 plus. that means we are assured of getting a heat wave here. it's 87 in allentown and reading and trenton and mt. holly. the west wind is keeping it warm at the beaches, too. it's 88 in atlantic city and even on the boardwalk, it is right around that level. the heat advisory for the inland areas along the i-95 region from trenton down to wilmington 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. so if you want to go out jogging, morning is a little better or after 6:00. this is a severe thunderstorm watch issued for these storms coming into northeastern ohio. it's just the beginning of the development of this line of storms and it's likely to create some severe weather from new england all the way down into
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the midatlantic states. the highest risk of all is up in new england itself. our highest risk around here is not so much for the heavy rain. we had plenty of that over the weekend with the remnants of bill. not so much lightning, either but it's the wind. brief gusty, potentially damaging wind in some spots. as we go through the night tonight, it's not going to cool off a whole lot. it's going to be well up in the 70s in and around the philadelphia area. tomorrow morning it starts off warm it gets hotter it gets more humid and then in the afternoon, here come the thunderstorms. these areas of red would indicate some very heavy rain and maybe some strong gusty winds, but when it's not raining, it is going to be mighty hot out there. and very uncomfortable. tonight, a little bit more uncomfortable than last night. 74 for the low in philadelphia 68 north and west. tomorrow, a lot more uncomfortable. temperatures well into the 90s. going to feel close to 100 but a brief afternoon thunderstorm in
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many spots. not everybody will get it necessarily. we are all going to get relief from the humidity on wednesday. chance of showers coming in thursday and then the pattern changes and it gets wet and it gets cool. look at the weekend, especially saturday. a high of only 67. >> wasn't expecting that. really cooling off. thank you. still ahead on "nbc 10 news at 5:00" mold forced them from their fire house. now some atlantic city firefighters have moved again. see where they're setting up shop now. ♪ you know who that is. adam levine a music heartthrob heading to the shore. he will be spending time on a south jersey beach this summer. he won't be alone.
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the philadelphia housing authority summer food service program kicked off today. the program will once again offer breakfast and lunch to needy children. that's not all, either. there are a number of summer youth enrichment programs. the food service program will operate at 20 sites all across the city. it takes the place of the school lunch program during the summer months. the program runs through august 21st. in south philadelphia it's
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opening day for the phillies' softball carpenter cup classic. nbc 10 at fdr park. hundreds of young women from all over the region will showcase their skills in front of top college scouts. the games run through thursday. we are continuing to follow breaking news. >> seven people have been shot in one local neighborhood. we have now learned three of those victims are children. we will have another update on the investigation straight ahead. all new on "nbc 10 news at 5:00" we have an update on the daughter of an nfl player who has been treated for cancer in our area this time the news about leah stills will put a smile on your face.
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we are continuing to follow breaking news. seven people are shot in one philadelphia neighborhood. three children are among those hurt. we have been on that scene since we came on air at 4:00. >> nbc 10's denise nakano joining us from kensington with an update on this investigation. >> reporter: emi'm getting new information on the shooting that happened on east hilton street getting more information on the ages of the four victims -- actually seven victims, three of them being children four being adults. it includes victims who are 3 years old, a 3-year-old girl, 11-year-old girl and 10-year-old boy. the children one woman and three men, were shot on the 700 block of east hilton street. sky force 10 over the scene this afternoon. the shooting happening about
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2:30. they found a shotgun dumped around the corner on madison from that shooting scene and parents who live here say children live up and down the block and they are very concerned about their safety. >> it's crazy. i don't know. it makes me scared like i feel like just staying inside, not going outside no more. it's staying in the neighborhood and keeping the children inside. >> reporter: police are still marking the evidence here. a number of shots were fired. seven people in all were hurt including three children from the ages of 3 to 11. two of the adults are in critical condition and police are still looking for the gunman at this hour. i'm denise nakano, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> a hot and steamy start to summer just one day into summer. we have temperatures in the 90s today and temperatures for now,
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for now, are only going to climb higher. that's going to change. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is in logan square in center city. >> we can expect even more heat? >> yes, we can expect even more heat tomorrow. today we got to 91 degrees. yesterday for the first day of summer, we got to 91 degrees. tomorrow, we will be near record highs in about the mid to upper 90s. that will be our first official heat wave. outside right now it is hot. the water behind me looks refreshing but the humidity like we have been saying a little lower today than last week so it least that feels a little nicer when you're outside. certainly the sun has heated things up today. temperatures have been around 90 degrees pretty much all afternoon long and again tomorrow, they will be even hotter. let's take a look at the temperatures. 90 in philadelphia, 80 in millville, atlantic city 80 in dover, 87 in reading and allentown. for tomorrow we are looking at some hot temperatures once again across the area.
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like i mentioned yesterday, low 90s. today, we got to 91 degrees. tomorrow we will be around 97 degrees. that would match a record high set back in 1888. there you see it three consecutive days in a row of 90 degree plus temperatures would be a heat wave. our first official heat wave. 85 that's the average high temperature. we are going to stay above that going through tomorrow. wednesday, we get a bit of relief, down into the mid 80s but until then it is going to stay hot outside. so hot that tomorrow we have a heat advisory across part of the area. more humidity moves in too. it will feel quite a bit hotter than today and that's going to fuel some severe weather as we go through tomorrow afternoon. severe storms possibly in the forecast. standing by to talk about that is chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. glenn? >> that's right, we have issued this first alert for tomorrow for the combination of this extreme heat and the resulting thunderstorms that could be severe in at least parts of the
5:33 pm
area. the near record heat causing the heat advisory for urbanized areas from trenton through philadelphia and wilmington. a chance of severe storms and the greatest threat in those storms is going to be for damaging winds. we are not expecting a lot of rain other than just perhaps a short period of time. it's the gusty winds that's the big issue. it's hot but dry today but there is some pretty strong weather developing now just around cleveland and east of detroit going back towards chicago, and that is the system that is moving our way for tomorrow putting much of the area in at least a slight risk for some severe storms. the highest risk is up in new england, as you see in that area in orange. as we go through the morning hours tomorrow we don't have any issue with showers or storms. it will just be getting hotter. as we go into the afternoon, some of the red areas indicating some very powerful storms. more on the timing there, when
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we will cool off with the seven-day in a few minutes. as we track heat and potential for severe weather, stay up to date on the weather with your mobile device. get updates on the changing weather any time using the nbc 10 news app for smartphones and tablets. firefighters in atlantic city who were forced to move out of their fire house because of mold have relocated again. nbc 10 jim rosenfield is live with an update. where are they now? >> they must feel a little bit like nomads. they are staying at a beach patrol station near the taj mahal casino as they await fire calls. a mold problem at a fire station, fire station 1 at maryland and atlantic avenues, forced the firefighters out of their fire house and into a large tent near the trucks. the union president tells us the mold is causing various medical problems for the firefighters. over the weekend they moved into city hall but take a look at this. today we found them at this beach patrol station near the taj. the firefighters aren't allowed
5:35 pm
to answer our questions but in the last hour i spoke to the union president. he tells me he's trying to find out more about a long-term plan from the fire chief but for now, it appears it will be a day spent at the beach and at night, they will move over to city hall. that's the latest from the digital operations center. jim rosenfield, nbc 10 news. speaking of the shore, adam levine is coming to atlantic city. maroon 5 will perform on the sand this summer. ♪ >> they will take the stage august 16th with special guest knick nick jonas and matt mcandrew. this will be one of only two u.s. shows for maroon 5 this year. matt mcandrew from our area. tickets go on sale friday. last year more than 100,000 fans watched lady antebellum and blake shelton perform on the a.c. beach but that show was free. improving rail safety was the focus of a rally today in
5:36 pm
newark, new jersey. senators corey booker and bob menendez were at penn station to talk about enhancing passenger safety on america's railroads. the senators are pushing a new bipartisan bill to improve railroads. the measure would also raise an average of $1.65 billion a year for amtrak. they need millions of dollars in grants to upgrade amtrak's safety services. >> we have not made updates to our passenger rail policy in seven years. that's why the bill is so crucial that we are putting forward and why the necessity of its passage is so urgent. >> the measure was first introduced last week. it comes after eight people lost their lives when an amtrak derailed last month in port richmond. dozens were hurt when amtrak train 188 went off the rails on its way to new york city. investigators say the train was going more than 50 miles an hour over the speed limit at the time. from our jersey shore bureau, a guilty plea for a man
5:37 pm
who carved a swastika into the lawn of one of his neighbors. there was a guilty plea to bias intimidation. prosecutors will recommend toom behind bars when he's sentenced next month. he repeatedly threatened and harassed the family and last august he used a lead pipe to carve the swastika into the lawn. he was arrested a few days later. you know her name and her face, and her story has touched hearts. the daughter of an nfl star fighting cancer and undergoing treatment here in our area. tonight, leah stills' story has taken a turn for the better. we will have an update. plus the close encounter with a sea predator. one diver shows us what it's like to stare into a shark's jaws.
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she's the daughter of an nfl star whose medical plight has touched so many hearts coast to coast. >> tonight, after spending weeks at the children's hospital of philadelphia, there's some good news about young leah stills. comcast sports net's john clark joins us with an update on this little girl. some of that video you see of her celebrating is amazing. priceless. >> reporter: you're right, great to watch. great news. leah stills the daughter of devin stills is headed home. the 5-year-old has been cleared to leave the hospital. she has spent the last seven weeks at c.h.o.p. after suffering a setback in her cancer treatment. >> hey, boo, how you feeling about the doc coming in telling you couldn't leave monday? >> i'm going home. i'm going. >> reporter: you got to love her spirit. that was the video devin posted saturday night as the two celebrated the news that she could leave the hospital. then last night he posted the picture saying his daughter was hoping to pull an all-nighter on her last night at c.h.o.p.
5:41 pm
her cancer went into remission two months ago before this setback and we certainly wish her and dad the best. coming up at 6:20 i sit down with former flyer kimmo timonen. he's back in town. the story from battling back from life-threatening blood clots that nearly ended his career to stanley cup champion. i'm john clark. see you then. >> thank you very much. it's a breakfast table favorite. however, a new study shows americans are drinking fewer cups of coffee. but it's not because they like drinking it any less. we will explain. we could reach near record heat tomorrow. we are also tracking the potential for severe storms. it's all ahead in the first alert forecast. warnings from lifeguards after dangerous sea creature washes up at the jersey shore. >> definitely not typical. extremely rare for the area. >> i'm ted greenberg. why the discovery has marine experts so concerned.
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a domestic abuse report a house fire and shootout with police ends with a suspect dead. james barnett died following an incident this morning near jonesville, north carolina. deputies responded to a domestic dispute involving barnett. when they say he started shooting. they also think he set the house on fire before running into the woods. a deputy was hit in the shoulder and is expected to be okay. from our nbc 10 trenton news bureau dozens came together today for a women's health rally. they are calling on governor christie to restore nearly $7.5 million in funding. the money is for family planning services and other preventive services for women. >> it's time to take politics
5:45 pm
out of the conversation. this today is not about politics. today is about the lives of women who need to have access to affordable health care. >> according to planned parenthood more than 1.1 million new jersey women need contraceptive supplies and services but can't afford them. the hpv vaccine may help reduce the number of cervical lesions in young women that could be precursors of cancer. according the a new study, in the years after the vaccine was introduced, there was a significant drop in lesions among women 18 to 20 years old. researchers say the decline could also reflect a change in screening recommendations. during that same time period screenings were no longer recommended for women under 20 years old so fewer cases may have been reported. state fairs are known for having odd things to eat, if you will. a lot of them are fried but at this year's delaware state fair one thing will be off the menu.
5:46 pm
duck and geese are being banned amid fears of bird flu. chicken, quail, pheasants and turkey are still okay. the delaware department of agriculture says water fowl is what it's worried about. the state fair starts a month from tomorrow. general mills is dropping artificial colors and flavors from its cereals. trix and reese's puffs will be the first to undergo the change. the company says cereals with marshmallows will take longer to reformulate. general mills' goal is to remove artificial ingredients from 90% of its cereals by the end of next year. apparently less coffee is being consumed by americans but people are paying more for it. the usda says coffee consumption has dropped due partly to the rise in single serve machines such as k-cups. more people are only brewing what they plan to drink versus making a whole pot of coffee. >> a new era in news starts tonight.
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"nbc nightly news" with lester holt officially starts at 6:30. >> i'm lester holt. >> i'm lester holt. >> i'm lester holt reporting from new york. >> holt has been filling in during the brian williams suspension over the last several months but he officially got the job last week while he was on vacation. he has been with nbc since the year 2000 and became familiar to audiences on "weekend today" and "dateline." well we had the second warmest may ever recorded in philadelphia but we didn't get much in the way of 90 degree temperatures. now we are catching up here and today's 90 well had a little humidity. tomorrow's 90 plus is going to have high humidity. we have a first alert out for the combination of extreme heat and humidity and the threat of strong to severe thunderstorms. but wednesday, we get a break
5:48 pm
from all three. no heat, no humidity, no thunderstorms. got a lot of sunshine today, all day. 90 degrees for the current reading. 16 mile an hour winds gusting to 22. we got up to 91 degrees yesterday after those early storms, 91 is the official high today. we are going for 97 tomorrow. it will probably feel like it's 100 at the worst time of day, mid to late afternoon. it's 90 in northeast philly as well. it's even 80 in mt. pocono. that's kind of warm for them. 88 in atlantic city in millville, and we check on the beaches, see how they're doing. it's all about the wind direction. the west-northwest wind keeping the beaches warm in new jersey. 87 avalon. 88 in beach haven. no relief at the beach today. now, tomorrow wind will be more out of the southwest. it will cool down so everybody else gets hotter and the jersey shore gets cooler because of the wind direction.
5:49 pm
the heat advisory in effect for the inland areas, urbanized areas, 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. you want to get your jogging in early in the day or else into the evening, middle of the day is not the best time. these storms are moving through the cleveland area now, more back through around chicago, and that's a system that will be moving in tomorrow with at least a risk of some severe storms. the highest risk is in new england. that area in orange. for us the greatest threat is clearly damaging winds. it is not heavy rain because any rain it's not going to last long enough. there it is the high winds, extremely low probabilities of anything else. as we go through the night tonight and into tomorrow just remember we will start off the day dry and it's really going to heat up and then the storms come afternoon. for the night tonight, more humid.
5:50 pm
74 for the low in philadelphia, 68 north and west. should notice that by morning. then you will notice the temperature rise. the brief afternoon thunderstorms. most of the day, it's not rain tomorrow and none of the day's raining on wednesday. we have a chance of showers returning on thursday and then as the pattern changes, it gets cooler it gets wetter a little bit wetter friday and a lot wetter and a lot cooler on saturday. looks like a cool and rather damp weekend. >> 67 degrees. thank you very much. >> nbc 10 and nbc universal are giving away money to local nonprofit organizations. the project is called 21st century solutions. the goal is to support nonprofits that are implementing new and innovative programs. the application is on our website, eligibility requirements are also listed there. the deadline to apply is july 3rd. we all always have our smartphones within arm's reach. that's the way life works now. smartphone users, beware.
5:51 pm
>> a security flaw that allows hackers to spy on you. we are talking millions of phones here. we will have the details next. a team from philadelphia is here in vatican city making final plans for the pope's visit. i'm chris cato. i spoke one-on-one with mayor michael nutter about why some details are still up in the air.
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
come take a look at your tv.
5:54 pm
a scuba diver got up close and personal with sharks. this is off florida's atlantic coast last week. you could really see that guy close there. so close that that one shark there tried to eat an underwater camera. that's the inside of the shark's mouth. here's the craziest part. instead of swimming away the divers actually pet the sharks and they survive to tell the tale. something we had talked about. nope we're not getting in that water. >> not happening. listen to this. samsung is working to fix a security flaw that could leave millions of galaxy phones vulnerable to hackers. >> as nbc's melanie michaels shows us the flaw could allow strangers to spy on your phone. >> reporter: it's dangerous. experts tell us this is not a battle, it's a war. a software hack so malicious, so deeply personal if you own a samsung galaxy someone may be watching you right now. >> absolutely not. this is no laughing matter. it's a huge security risk as we
5:55 pm
move forward. >> reporter: i.t. expert nick patell has been in the computer industry for well over a decade and advises people to take this very seriously. >> from a consumer standpoint it scares the hell out of me that someone knows where you're at knows your data all the time. >> reporter: chances are your samsung device has a security glitch on it. >> it allows a hacker to take complete control of your phone. that means they could delete all your pictures, all your photos kind of look at you. that's scary. someone could actually be looking at you through your camera. >> reporter: how in the world did this happen? it's basically a bug in the software. the same software experts claim is preinstalled on 600 million devices. sadly, you can't do a thing about it. until samsung releases a software update. >> you have to make sure when the update comes out and look for it to get that and install it to make sure that the vulnerability is fixed on your
5:56 pm
phone. >> reporter: according to patel it wasn't a question of if this sort of thing would happen, but rather, when. >> that was melanie michael reporting. >> samsung says the security update will be released soon. did you hear this? apple's new streaming music service is changing its tune about paying artists royalties. >> the move follows harsh words from singer taylor swift. apple says it plans to pay royalties to artists and record labels during a free three-month trial period. this after the berks county native announced a few days ago she will hold back her newest album titled "1989" from apple music. she posted a letter on tumblr criticizing apple for its initial decision not to pay royalties until the subscription service begins. in the post titled to apple, love taylor she says in part i find it to be shocking disappointing and completely unlike this historically progressive and generous
5:57 pm
company. end quote. coming up next on "nbc 10 news at 6:00" bottled water recalled. tonight, why the water could be dangerous. and a dangerous creature pops up at the jersey shore. a look at the man-of-war that can really cause pain. we've got some thunderstorms headed our way, some of them could be severe along with record-breaking heat. plus breaking news. we are live with the latest on seven people shot at one location in philadelphia. that's next on "nbc 10 news at 6:00."
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
we start with breaking news tonight. seven people were shot this afternoon in philadelphia, including three children. at least two of the victims are in critical condition. take a look at this map here. the shooting happened at around 2:30 this afternoon on east hilton street in the kensington neighborhood near allegheny avenue. that's where we find nbc 10's mitch blacher with the latest. >> reporter: we do know three of those seven victims are children, two girls, one boy. one as young as 3 years old. this is the scene as the crime scene investigators continue their investigation. it slowed down considerably at this point but we do want to show you video from just about 20 minutes ago. police and crime scene investigators took a shotgun into custody. they say they don't know at this
6:00 pm
point whether or not it was the gun used in the crime but they are considering whether or not it does have any link to it. commissioner ramsey did talk to the media a little while ago as well. he spoke about the fact that this is now the second shooting in three days in the city of philadelphia. >> obviously it's a problem. there's ignorance and people going around shooting like that down streets in the middle of the day, beautiful day, children get struck. it just makes absolutely no sense. but i think again, it reinforces, some of these guys just don't care. >> reporter: the suspect in today's shooting is still not in police custody. police say he escaped on foot and they are looking for any leads to find him. mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. >> today's mass shooting comes after ten people were shot at a block party in west philadelphia over the weekend. three of them were children. this happened saturday night on ogden street. police are still searching for the


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